Specialty Sizes

Okay ladies (and concerned gentlemen) it’s high time we banded together and stopped the insanity. 

A model named Crystal Renn is speaking out about how she starved herself and was anorexic to maintain a size 2 figure.  Now that she is healthy and has become a size 12, she still models, but she is a “specialty size” and no longer welcome on runways which feature women in samples sized 0 and 2. 

12 is a specialty size but 14 is the size of the average  healthy woman.  What’s wrong with this picture?  I’m so fed up with thinking about whether I’m having a chubby day or if I’ll drop that last few pounds or what the scale says.  Sick of it.  Renn says she has discovered that “fat people are discriminated against.”  And she is by no means a fat woman.

Can’t we all just accept that we come in different shapes and sizes and stop idealizing a certain body type?  Please?  For health’s sake!

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