Forecast Schmorecast

Meteorologists, unite and please admit that you cannot predict the weather. Do it! You will feel better. The truth will set you free!

Again, I had a weekend forecast on Friday that was wrong.  On the positive side, it predicted wet conditions and that’s what we have.  But where it went very wrong was with the wind.  Wind gusts weren’t even mentioned and yet here we are, with 75 km/hr, damaging winds, bringing down trees and sending garbage cans akimbo.

Until we build our permanent garage, which is currently in the planning stages, we have had a fake garage in our deep back yard.  It’s a kit that costs a couple hundred dollars and it’s not meant to stand up to all seasons.  Well, we’ve left ours up for two winters now.  Last fall we tied down a new tarp over it.  It’s done pretty well!  But yesterday’s winds did this to it.

Now, this thing doesn’t owe us anything.  It sheltered the lawn tractor and snowblower for two years with few complaints.  Oh, there was a tear here or there and we have had to shore it up once in a while but it outperformed its promise.

However, other city residents have not survived the windy conditions as well.  This old tree didn’t make it – as seen in a photo from the London Free Press:

You could say the tree’s time was up and the summer home was long overdue to come down.  But apart from all of that it would have been nice to be able to forsee the crazy windy conditions in the so-called “forecast”.  If only there was a science that would allow people to predict the weather.  But sadly, there is not!  And I will go toe to toe with any meteorologist who claims otherwise!

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  1. Unfortunately you don’t have a radio station in the London area which is quite accurate about predicting the weather including the wind this weekend. Here in Toronto we have a station you might have heard of 680news who are very accurate and I personally rely on as I make my plans and provided us with lots of warning about the potential for strong winds.

    1. Hmmm. I think I’ve heard of it! *grin* My beef is with Environment Canada upon whom most of us non-Rogers stations rely for forecasts. It’s run by the governement and they appear to use a roulette wheel when determining their forecast. And no one is accountable for their lack of accuracy!

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