Lip Sticky

The London Free Press recently ran an article about a woman who’s making and selling all natural lipsticks.

The young woman behind the company got the idea after discovering how much lead and petroleum was put into every tube and applied to the tender lips of women everywhere.  She founded Cherry Crush Cosmetics.  Her lipsticks are not only made from natural, harmless ingredients but they are actually vegan. There are no animal products involved. They contain things like grape seed oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E. 

I checked it out online at and ordered a tube of the most popular shade: Naturally Stunning.  It’s a pinky burgundy that’s on the sheer side, if that makes any sense. What convinced me to try it was the price: $8.99 including delivery!  So here I sit with my Naturally Stunning lips, feeling all moisturized and chemical free.  So far so good.  I don’t know yet whether I’m a permanent convert but I don’t see any quality difference between this and anything I’ve bought from L’Oreal.  My make-up artist pal Sam used to always say, “quit chewing the lipstick off!”  I still somehow chew the lipstick off but at least I won’t be ingesting lead now when I do it.

5 thoughts on “Lip Sticky”

  1. solely from us guys prospective, does your new lipstick pass the kiss test? No offence ladies, but leaving your lipstick marks behind any time you kiss us, isn’t appreciated.

  2. Lisa, don’t go to crazy with the testing, but I’ll check back to see the results before making any recommendations to my female friends.

  3. Well thank you for your diligent work and that of your test subject(s). I can live with some pinkness.

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