Pancake Mania II

About a year ago I posted a photo of a banner that was up at my long lost, second cousin Ron Hubbs’ maple syrup operation at Wellington Ontario.  This weekend we went back for the annual pancake extravaganza and the banner that spells his own surname incorrectly was up again! 

This makes the rest of us in the Hubbs family a little bit crazy.

The name isn’t Hubb it is Hubbs so the apostrophe does not belong where it is!  But Ron Hubbs, the man who commissioned the banner, puts the darn thing up every year and the insanity is spreading. This year the Picton Gazette printed the name alternately correctly and incorrectly because of this stupid banner!  BTW that’s my cousin Miranda and her Dad, my Uncle Wayne, below the grammatical shame.

They are capable of getting it right, as it is on the sugar shack.

I don’t understand people who don’t care about this kind of thing.  The area is full of Hubbs relatives and if it were me, I would be too mortified to put up a screaming loud advertisement that spelled the name wrong!  When I make a mistake I want to know about it and correct it.  I told Ron last year about the banner and he just laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s how they wrote it when I had the banner made!”  And apparently he plans to use it until it wears out.  Which, if I bring a stepladder and a sharp knife next year, may be sooner than he thinks!

PS. Ron’s maple syrup is excellent. This year the labels spelled Hubbs correctly!