Pavlov’s Radio Host

It happens every day around 11 am.  One of the restaurants in the building downstairs from 1039fm fires up the grill and like the dinging of a bell, the drool-inducing smells of searing meat start wafting up through the ventilation system.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t tend to eat burgers very often or that what I’m smelling is probably 98% fat.  It hits my central nervous system and instructs my salivary glands to start producing.  I’ve consulted my colleagues and their experiences are similar.  The vents must run directly into our studios because it’s truly overpowering for the first few minutes.  Not unpleasant though, not at all.  But it’s an aroma so thick and heavy that I’m surprised I don’t smell like a burger for the rest of the day. 

Yesterday they got started early, perhaps anticipating a St. Patrick’s Day rush or something.  So around 10 am  it hit me like a gentle slap with a velvet glove. Droolsville came early. I’ve never actually eaten anythin from this restaurant and I probably never will.  There’s too much grease!  But my nose doesn’t know from fat content or calories.  It just knows what it likes.

The funny part is that at first, it’s a pleasant and enjoyable experience.  And then a few minutes later it just pisses me off!  But it’s a fact of life for those of us in the north western part of City Centre.  I’m grateful there are no calories in burger odour because I’m taking it in early, often and against my will!