Fear as an Advertising Tactic

There are ways to sell a safety product that don’t have to do with scaring the bejesus out of potential customers.

But tell that to some security system marketers.  They seem to want you to think that bad guys are lurking outside your door just waiting to break in to attack and rob you unless you buy their system.  Saturday Night Live recently took this concept to the ultimate degree with a spoof ad that had every man in a young woman’s life trying to break in and attack her!  Her date, her grandfather…everyone was out to get her. That’s what some of these ads would have you believe.

A pharmacist’s group is currently using the same tactic to try to get everyone to complain to the Health Minister about their drug company fee flow being shut off.  Their ads actually say, “it could result in the loss of your local pharmacist.”  Someone musing in a stuffy boardroom thought it was a good idea to try to scare the crap out of people dependent on medication by creating the false idea that they won’t have anywhere to go to get their drugs.   This is ludicrous. 

The fact is, pharmacies shouldn’t be paid to stock some drugs over other drugs. They want to be thought of as health care professionals but they still want to be on a  pay-to-display policy? Sorry, folks.  With the fee elimination comes a new structure that will compensate pharmacies for doing certain things like distributing flu shots.  Not so long ago, pharmicists were on a major push to become pseudo-physicians.  Now they’re throwing tantrums because the government has caught up to a reason for inflated drug prices.  Cry me a river.  And stop trying to scare me with boogie men because it will just make me mistrust you.