Five (More) Things To Love About Motorcycling

1.  Helmet head actually improves my hairdo. 

2.  Riding a motorcycle forces you to live in the moment.  You have to be consistently alert to stay safe.  You can’t zone out like you sometimes do when you’re driving a car. 

3.  Smiling releases endorphins which are good for you!  Riding the bike actually makes me feel younger, freer, and the opposite of a stick in the mud.

4.  It simplifies life.  I’ve learned to pack efficiently and to be less particular about what doodads and whatnots I have with me.  I’ve stopped carrying a massive purse filled with crap that I rarely use.  Same with shopping while the bike is my ride.   I’m less wasteful and less likely to buy something I don’t need.

5.  I love the look of surprise on peoples’ faces when they see I’m not whatever it is they expect me to be!

3 thoughts on “Five (More) Things To Love About Motorcycling”

  1. The same way I feel when its Snowmobile season, except for #5
    Motorcycles scare me, I have had two very good friends killed on them, it was not their fault, Drivers never saw them???

    1. Yeah, I hear you on that. You’re right that drivers don’t see us. We have to act accordingly. It’s risky, for sure.

      My uncle was killed in a snowmobile accident when I was a kid. None of us have been on a snowmobile since!

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