Innocent Questions

Did Prime Minister Harper invite the three opposition party leaders to fly with him to Poland thinking, well, if I go down, at least they all go down with me? 

Nearly every news report on the story this morning makes a point of saying that the four men will be on the same plane as they jet off to the funeral for the Polish PM who had invited many of his country’s senior figures to fly with him to a memorial service. They all perished when the pilot apparently made a critical error.

Will we ever truly have free (Internet) trade?  It’s frustrating to find a news video online that originates in the US and to discover that it cannot be played here in Canada.  If my laptop and I drove an hour and change, crossed the border, and found a wireless Internet connection, that video would stream for me like there’s no tomorrow.  But here in London Ontario, no dice.   But can I gamble away my earnings online via a US poker site? Sure! 

Why is the Octomom going to be appearing on next week’s Idol Gives Back show?   Why does America (and by America I include Canada) celebrate the Gosselins and Kardashians and Hiltons of the continent?  If I knew how to stop the insanity I would make it my mission.