From the Medical Journal DUH!

From today’s London Free Press: London scientists working with mice have discovered the first biological link between stress, anxiety and depression. 

I’m not a psychologist but I play one on the Internet and it’s my fake professional opinion that anxious people often don’t even know that they’re anxious.  They don’t know that it’s a way of life they’re being lead to by biological factors or they experience by habit.   Part of it is a choice in a train of thought.  Of course, depressed people don’t always have a choice in how they think – negatively – and that fuels the anxiety.  And stress?  We put a lot of that on ourselves too.  None of this BLAMES the sufferer but can empower them to find a way to ease these things.

The scientists who made this breakthrough hope it will open the door to new treatments for depression.  Their findings are making medical headlines around the world.  It’s the first time it’s been proven that stress causes the biological chain reaction that leads to anxiety and depression. 

Back to my Internet psychological session: that will be $200. please.  Thank you.

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  1. A thorough psychological assessment of your Blog posts over the past several years has identified numerous items of concern. Would you like your bill now?

    Dr. Yates

  2. I’m sure something can be arrange, however Dr. Yates rates are a little pricey. Have you seen the cost of Milk Bones recently?

    1. His therapy will be worth it, I’m sure.

      Whenever I see a dog I always ask if I can meet/pet it. My blood pressure goes down and I walk away a little calmer and with a big smile. And no pharmaceuticals!

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