There’s Always One

Every time I go to my neighbourhood plaza on a Saturday morning there is always one jerk who can’t be bothered to park in an actual parking spot.

He (so far it’s always been a “he”) stops his vehicle in the two-lane roadway, in close proximity to the Stop sign, and waits for his significant other to complete her shopping.  This photo taken with my iPhone through my windshield doesn’t really do justice to the inconvenience this person is actually causing the rest of us.  The lot was very busy and I took this snap in a rare moment when the van wasn’t causing someone to swear under their breath. Except for me, of course.

This knob does not care that he is the reason why cars approaching from either direction have to slow down or stop to allow each other to pass safely.  What a selfish jerk!  His 4-way flashers are on which, in jerk language, is somehow supposed to make it alright. And I guarantee that as soon as he pulled away, someone else pulled up to take his place.   I just do not understand a person like this.  And there is never, ever anyone in authority around to move him along or write him a ticket.  Frustrating.