Worthwhile Research

The headline practically reached out from my monitor and grabbed me by the collar:  Chocolate Can Cut Heart Attack and Stroke Risk! 

Oh I know a story like this comes along every once in a while but this one was more specific than some others and it arrived just as the beloved Easter bunny was about to drop nuggets of the sweet stuff on our doorstep. 

The story from Yahoo said: “An eight-year German study concluded that those who ate a small amount of chocolate every day had a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Experts credit flavonols, compounds also found in vegetables and red wine, for widening blood vessels and thus reducing blood pressure.”

And then the lead researcher, Dr. Debbie Downer, gave the capper.  It’s only beneficial when the chocolate is eaten in small doses.  They advise about a 6-gram square a day.  That’s a very teeny tiny square but it’s better than no chocolate at all and it’s backed up by science, right?  Right???