Big Business, Bad Lady

A Toronto woman is suing Rogers, claiming the company ruined her life. 

There are plenty of opportunities to root for the little guy when he or she is being treated unfairly by corporate monoliths but this isn’t one of them.  This is a woman who refuses to take responsibility for own actions.  She’s not just in a state of denial, she’s on her own denial continent!

You see, her extramarital affair was exposed when her husband called Rogers to consolidate their family’s bills for cable, internet etcetera.  The company added his wife’s cell bill to the mix and was mailed a “global” bill in the next cycle.  He saw her long conversations to a single number, did some detective work, found out she was screwing around with another man and left her.  Now she’s saying she “made a mistake but doesn’t deserve to have her life ruined”.  Oh please!

Her argument hangs on the fact that her surname isn’t the same as her husband’s and therefore, she contends, they had no right to put their bills together.  Hers was work, his was home.

Oh honey, if you hadn’t been screwing around you’d be happy for the convenience of single billing.   And even if it was a mistake on Rogers’ part, to any other family, another phone call to the company would rectify the situation and separate the bills again – case closed. It is your behaviour, lady, that is the problem.

Please let the wisdom of the court prevail and throw out this foolish woman’s $600,000 lawsuit! Let Big Business win this one, because it should.