Stolen Improvements

Fridays mean cars on the brain.  Delaware Speedway racing runs on Fridays, and some Saturdays too, including this one.  I’m already anticipating the roar of the engines and the smell of burning fuel! So this story from a newsletter I receive called This Is True struck me as amusing.  Imagine getting back something that was stolen and it’s actually in better condition than when you last saw it!

When Amanda Pogany’s car was stolen from her street in  Brooklyn, N.Y., she says the police laughed when she asked about the  odds of getting it back. It took four years, but police called to say they had recovered her car. “I was like, ‘Shut up!'” said the eighth- grade teacher. She went to get it at the police impound yard and was
shocked. Her little Honda wasn’t chopped into bits, it was completely tricked out. The engine was replaced with a V-8, the automatic transmission was switched out for a manual, it has oversize tires,  leather interior, and more. It’s still parked until she gets a new registration but it’s getting lots of attention. “The mailman  rang the bell the other day and asked about it,” she said. “Everyone wants to buy the car now.”