Breakfast on the Go

Couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Yes, this woman is doing what it looks like she is doing.

She is eating yogurt with a spoon while driving a car!

How did I, also behind the wheel of a vehicle, take her photo?  I had noticed her in traffic and when my lane stopped at a light I poised my iPhone for her approach.  There she was, enjoying her breakfast, while her car was in motion.  She didn’t even see that I was snapping her photo but the driver in the left lane did and laughed!  Still, there’s nothing funny about someone this stupid out there, unchecked, risking the lives of the rest of us. I can only assume that she was steering with her knee.  I shudder to think about what she eats on the way home and which utensils might be involved.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast on the Go”

  1. first2comment

    And the funny thing is that YOU would have gotten a ticket and SHE would not. It’s legal to eat yogurt and drive with your knees but not to touch your phone even at a red light. Strange world we live in.

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