Faeries, Ye are Welcome Here!

It’s a regular joke around our house:  “I sure hope the laundry fairies come this weekend!”  “Gee, the vacuuming fairy better get to work!”  And so on.

So when I saw a “faery door” in a Gaelic shop in Bayfield on the long weekend, I knew we had to have it.  Faery is the Gaelic spelling for the wee, friendly – and yes, mythical – ones we call fairies.  It’s wooden, about 8 inches high, fairy-sized, and is now installed near the back door, low to the floor so they can reach it.

The shop owner told us about a customer he once had who claimed there were faeries all over the shop! She returned with Dixie cups full of milk and set them around on the floor, for the little winged ones to drink from.  I think the mythology is very sweet and the whole concept works in well with our facetious pleas for help with household chores but if you ever see me in Costco buying a gross of Dixie cups, please call the nice men with the big butterfly net!