So Glad I Found Lost

All of the meandering, confusing and intricate plotlines of Lost finally came together last night like strands of yarn in a tight weave!

My former work husband, Paul, convinced me to start watching Lost at the start of season two and I’m glad that he did. I went back and watched the first season on DVD and got all caught up.  Last night six years of a frustrating, compelling and confusing story was wrapped with something like a strange “happily ever after”.  lost

I pity the people who even bothered to sample the show late in the series. It was a waste of time – you simply had to know what happened before to understand it.  But the episodes are all online and there is always DVD.

I’m glad it happened and I’m extremely glad it’s over.  There’s chatter about a Lost movie but I hope they let sleeping Jacks lie.  It had its moment and it would be respectful to the faithful fans to just let it go now.