Innocent Questions, Part 906 of an infinite number…

Why is it the people with the least amount of power wield what they have with an iron fist?

We want to put up a garage.  The cement guy is on hold. The building people are being held off.  All because City Hall now wants a THIRD set of blueprints about the structure.  The size isn’t an issue. We have a very large yard and the garage’s footprint will be well within the regulations.  We’re also keeping it farther away from the property line than we have to, just to keep the neighbours quiet happy.  The City is acting as if we’re proposing the erection of something unique and unproven.  And the worst part is, each time we go back to the company, it is their policy to not fax the blueprints directly to City Hall, which requires Derek to go downtown and wade through everyone else who’s having this issue, to hand them in personally.

Meanwhile, I have had direct dealings this week with Service Ontario, Revenue Canada and Passport Canada and they have all been friendly, helpful and professional – not to mention fast. The Passport office actually phoned me to say they needed one more thing to process my renewal.  I would have thought they would send the works back to me and say, nice try, start again honey!  No, apparently that’s how City Hall handles things like routine garage building permits.  Round, round we go….