“Art is what you can get away with.” Andy Warhol

A couple of my paintings are going on public display this month. 

Two of my smaller works will be part of an exhibit at JMR Gallery in Bayfield, Ontario that begins May 22nd.  The artists who were accepted into this showing were asked to paint something to reflect the theme of “22” and both of my pieces do just that, but in my own quirky, abstract style.  The “22” exhibit begins with an afternoon reception on the 22nd and ends on June 12th.  Visitors are being asked to vote on the artwork and prizes will be given. 

Gallery owner, Judy May Foster Roth, should be applauded for creating a way to give new artists a chance to be seen.  Although it’s been a kick to have some friends and family like what I do, I’ve always wondered if it was the kind of thing that could be shown somewhere publicly.  Now that it’s going to happen it’s out of my hands.  Everything displayed at the show will be for sale.  I’ve already sold some of my work so I suppose that makes me a professional!  But it’s almost a compulsion, this desire to paint!! I have an idea swimming inside me right  now that’s just dying to get out and onto a canvas.  If only there were more time….