No Second Chances at a First Impression

A former city councillor and MP is taking another run at Anne Marie DeCicco-Best to become Mayor of London.  I wish him a swift and decisive defeat based on one small incident that occured more than two decades ago. 

This has nothing to do with politics or policy. When my townhouse in London burned taking with it 99% of what I owned including my wee dog Misty, the owner of the complex came to survey the damage in the aftermath.  He wasn’t aware that I was upstairs throwing out my charred possessions and trying  in vain to salvage anything I could.  He entered the premises with the manager and their laughter and salty language rang through the building.  His comment was something to the effect of, “poor bastards!”  And he laughed some more.  Much of my life was ashes and he was finding humour in it.  That’s not the kind of guy I want as my Mayor.  I’m not a supporter of any mayoral candidate nor have I researched the others.  But this evidence is enough to make me vote against Joe Fontana in October.