At the Risk of Offending People…

Something about the way some folks are using Twitter is driving me a little insane. I can’t stand it!  And I fully acknowledge that my reaction is a bit over the top but it really, really bugs me. 

Twitter is a terrific tool for sharing information and promoting events and services.  People are busy. I can’t even begin to read all of the tweets of those who follow Delaware Speedway, whose account I also manage, but I keep my own account down to a manageable  number because I’m only following people I truly want to know about. 

So here’s the problem: 

Some people (and at least one representative of a business endeavour) tweet simply “Good morning” or “good afternoon” with nothing else to it every mind-numbing day.  That’s it.  That’s what they’re grabbing my attention for.  So in the middle of my busy morning routine when I’m scanning and trying to catch up on legitimate news and info my eye gets dragged by a boring and predictable tweet by the same people, like a bird with an unpleasant chirp. 

If you’re putting up the same thing over and over, no matter what it is, I don’t think you understand how Twitter is used! It’s like repeating the same sentence in a conversation.  Say something new!  Make me feel and react.  It’s just so wasteful. 

I don’t expect the world to bend to my will but I really think it’s a lost opportunity to just put up the same damn, tired thing.  It makes you seem boring even if you are not.  As the Kevin Bulmer song says, “Do Better”.  Please?

1 thought on “At the Risk of Offending People…”

  1. Twitter, as with all new forms of communication, in its early days are prone to the mindless musings of those who fail to recognize its value as a communications tool and see it merely as the latest toy. In the early days, we experienced similar problems with E-mails, instant messaging, text messaging and even in the early days of cellular communications where people were so enamored with the new technology, they never stopped to think how annoying they were actually being with all their communications. In time, if Twitter is truly meant to become part of our communication lexicon, the mindless musings will pass, if not Twitter will die an early death.

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