It was only a matter of time.  Someone has taken the best ideas from Facebook and made a whole new type of online meeting spot. 

Skinbook is for nudists.  The UK founders are promoting their site as having all of the features of Facebook, with the added bonus that all of the participants are nude.

But I’m willing to bet that a lot of Facebook users are already nude and not simply because they’ve been waiting for the development of Skinbook.  Web surfing is anonymous and I’m sure people do it in various stages of undress, while on the toilet, while completing household chores (I sometimes cook at the same time) and a bunch of other things that my imagination is preventing me from thinking about in order to preserve my sanity. 

Maybe this breakaway birthday suit faction will catch on, who knows?  And maybe it will inspire others. Veggiebook for Vegetarians.  Hairbook for stylists.  Bieberbook for fans of teen sensation Justin Bieber.  This list is endless.  But please, keep your pants on.