If you think young people are self-centred and narcissistic…

a new study backs you up!

Researchers say, compared to college students of the 1970’s, those in post-secondary school today are 40% less empathetic.  They’re more likely to deny the feelings and opinions of others.  The study claims the current era of me-me-me social networking that avoids actual face-to-face interaction is partly to blame.  They also cite over-exposure to other media including reality television and video games.

I’m no scientist but it seems to me that every generation has its self-centred dolts who don’t really care about anyone but themselves.  From Hugh Hefner down to Paris Hilton, they are fodder for media blather because of their ego-centric personality types.  I guess I’m just lucky.  The young women of college age whom I know are caring, sensitive, responsible, ambitious, peanut-butter-cookie-baking sweethearts.