A Thankless Job

In my own little way, with a shiny, happy heart, I’m trying to spread some support and optimism.

Lisa Brandt Creative Services puts out a “tip of the month” every month for broadcasters – it’s mostly aimed at the younger set but I have many friends and colleagues on my email list because it’s a way to keep in touch and sometimes, to invite comment and conversation, which is always stimulating and appreciated.  The tip is posted on myaircheck.com, too.

I try not to have expectations because, in every aspect of life, they often lead to disappointment. It’s not fair to anticipate reactions based on what I would do.  Others are not me!  But then there are plain old manners and they seem to be sorely lacking lately.

I recently sent out 17 new copies of my book, Celebrity Tantrums, as sort of a “thank you” to the attendees of a seminar I recently conducted in Toronto.  OK, so it’s not gold bullion and it’s a few years old.  But it still retails for about $20 bucks and it contains nuggets of info that can be used on air .  Also, as I said in my note to the recipients, it’s the perfect thickness for propping up a short leg on a wobbly table! 

It’s been a month, plenty of time for everyone to pick up their mail taking into account vacations etc. and I have  heard a ” thank you” from exactly three people. Three out of 17.  Granted, people are busy.  I don’t for a minute believe that the arrival of my little book was a major event for anyone.  Life goes on.  I thought was a nice gesture, asking nothing in return. Funny enough, that’s exactly what I got!

I will always err on the side of generosity.  There’s a story that illustrates the philosophy of Big Sisters which, when it was told to me by a counsellor there, attracted me to that program and I believe it applies here.  It explains why someone would bother with an effort that only seems to be worthwhile to a few:  A man is walking on the beach where thousands of starfish have washed up on the sand and he’s tossing them back into the water, one by one.  Another guy comes along and says, “You’re wasting your time! You’ll never save them all.  It’s not worth it.”  The first man picks up a starfish and as he tosses it into the ocean he says, “It’s worth it to THIS one.”