The Garage Begins!

Last night we took delivery of many pieces of steel.

When they’re assembled, these pieces will become a 25 x 36 foot steel garage.  Today, despite the rain, the concrete guy says he’s coming with his excavator guy to dig out the ground where the concrete pad will be laid.  Then the building kit will be put together by Derek and his industrious buddies.

Last evening, a couple of nephews, a brother and a pal’s son answered the call for help and the truck was unloaded pretty quickly.

The fact that this kit was ordered in powder-coated white and has arrived in plain steel is just the latest frustration in dealing with a company that will absolutely be named later, once we’re sure we have everything and the building is up and sound.

The pieces are neatly stacked in the breezeway and will soon become a place to house our vehicles and Derek’s workshop, which will free the basement up for other things.  Updates will appear here as it all develops!