Garage Update

When we last left our saga, some of the radiant in-floor heating tubes had been damaged.  (cue dramatic music!)

There have been two – and there will soon be a third – visits to fix this problem.  Although none of the guys has given us any grief about coming back to fix the mistake there was some interesting debate about payment for it. The concrete guy was actually paying the tubing guy each time he came out to fix the tubes. But wait – the tubing guy had screwed up by placing the tubes too close to the ends of the concrete pad, so WHY was he getting paid all over again?  That was our question, especially when the concrete guy suggested he pass the extra costs onto us. So after a bit of friendly debate it has all been worked out.  They tubing guy will eat the cost of returning to fix the tubes and the concrete guy will only lose half of his shirt on this job. (He totally lowballed the price, which isn’t our fault!)

My question is this: When you have a problem with leaks in the tubes and you make the effort to come out and repair them, why wouldn’t you make SURE they were fixed before you leave?  Poor Derek went out and checked them himself only to find that there were still two leaks. 

Meanwhile construction is underway at the other end of the pad.

Fortunately some of the spans can be put up in the area that is properly repaired.   The supporting ladder was temporary!  As my brother asked, isn’t it going to be kind of expensive to keep buying more ladders??  har har.

And so it continues.  Manland is underway.  Derek’s pal Mike helped him complete an arch.

For me, the best part is watching Derek walk around the concrete pad, excitedly telling me where he will place things and what his plans will be once there are walls and a roof!  His enthusiasm is infectious.  I don’t really have a role right now except to turn a blind eye to the dirt (which is being kept to a minimum, actually) and to enjoy the process.  And I do!