Kicking the Tires

On Saturday morning I dropped by Derek’s broadcast remote at Forest City Honda to bring him a bagel and coffee.

I hadn’t been listening to the radio and didn’t know what was going on there.  I was just being polite when I struck up a conversation with the sales manager whom I knew from his previous job at another dealership.  I was only being cordial when I sat on a loaded Honda Shadow on the showroom floor. 

I have been toying with the idea of owning a more powerful bike.  Lest you think that’s just a hormonally charged desire for more speed, that’s not the case.  A heavier bike is actually easier to ride because it stands up against wind and actually – as I found out on a demo ride that day – offers a smoother ride.   Bernice can keep up with the bigger motorcycles of my friends but I have a hard time CATCHING up to them.  While they are cruising at a comfortable speed, Bernice is working as hard as she can to stay in the pack. 

In a demo ride, two reps from the dealer – in this case Honda – take out a pack of potential customers on all types of bikes.  There were about a dozen of us on country roads for 30 minutes or so.  It was wonderful and the Shadow was very enjoyable.  When I dismounted I felt like I’d been riding a horse – it’s wider and obviously heavier than Bernice.  But Bernice felt heavy when I first got her. You get used to it. This bike is big enough to take across the country.  It’s water cooled and has two cylinders as opposed to Bernice’s one, so although going from 650 to 750 doesn’t sound like a lot, in this case, it’s a pretty significant step up in power.

So I’m thinking about it.  I may go back again today and swing a leg over the one on the showroom floor.  It may be time for someone else to enjoy Bernice.  I’m not off the fence yet, though. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Kicking the Tires”

  1. Go for it girl! Actually its very common for newer riders to upgrade their ride every 2/3 years as their experience, confidants and skills evolve. Larger bikes definitely have advantages in the area of ride and holding the road during different weather.

    Today its a 750, in 2012/13 its a 900, and beyond, Derek hide your keys, she has her eye on your ride!

  2. My Dad rode a Honda Shadow 750 for a few years before he switched to a Harley Softail, then a Fatboy. He said the same thing; it’s better to have a bit of weight behind the bike.

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