It Really Is The Little Things…

A long time ago, either with my pal Charlene or my pal Karen, I saw an Eiffel Tower in a store in Toronto.
It was about a foot high or so and its top 2/3rds came off so you could insert a tealight candle.  It caught my eye but I couldn’t decide whether it was tacky or cool so I decided to pass. 

Two years ago we visited the Eiffel Tower and like millions before me, I was struck by its magnificence.  As our evening cruise gently swayed in darkness on the Seine under the tower and a million twinkling lights lit it up exactly at 10 pm, it felt like Christmas, my birthday and New Year’s Eve all wrapped up in one. 

In the past year I saw one of those little towers here in London, too, and I was tempted to make it my own but for some reason I didn’t go for it. Lately, for some other reason, finding that silly tower tealight holder became important.  And then when I couldn’t remember where I saw it, I went to virtually every store I could think of that might stock that sort of thing.  I googled those same stores to see if maybe there was one in their inventory that may have simply sold out in this area. My lack of success made finding the tower a bit of an obsession. So much so that I finally took to Twitter and asked my tweeps if they knew where to find it.  Betty T to the rescue!

I can’t explain why I had to have it but it’s one of those things.   Maybe it’s the itch to travel again that I simply can’t scratch right now. Who knows?  But thanks to Betty and Beddingtons I have my wee Eiffel and all is right with the world again!