Several Steps Over the Line

Quebecor has announced it’s putting together a sort of Fox News North – a 24 hour TV channel because, my inner sarcastic voice says, the other ones have worked out to be soooo popular.

A CBC reporter who I will not name for obvious reasons has left her position at the Mother Corp and is suspected to be joining the new channel.  I’ve never met her but I have to wonder how many strikes a person can get before they are considered “out”.

When she was covering the Mulroney-Schrieber inquiry she fed questions to the Liberal inquisitors, clearly a case of becoming the story rather than just reporting on it.  She was reassigned, which is a lot like moving an abusive priest to another parish.  Her beau is an MP and she has registered as his traveling companion which means she flies with him on the taxpayer dime.

When does someone give their head a shake and say, if she doesn’t understand where the “line” is, let’s show her? 

When she resigned from her job she referred all questions to her lawyer.  What television reporter has their own lawyer who’s willing to drop everything to do PR?

Journalistic integrity? Ethics? Hah.  In the US, super-conservative Fox News calls it as it likes to see it, not as it actually is.  So it will be fitting if she joins the new clone here in the Great White North