Phase 2.5: A Wee Snag in the Project

He must be commended for taking it very well.

Derek had a buddy helping him on the weekend.  The task was measuring off the cement pad and determining where about a hundred drill holes should go for the anchor portion of the steel building that will soon be erected.  There isn’t any room for error in something like this.  They measured and drilled and drilled and measured and during a break they were just fooling around with the in-floor heating tubes.  Kent shot air into one tube, expecting it to come back out the one beside it but that’s not what happened.  Instead, little puffs of dusty air came out of some of the freshly drilled holes! Uh-oh. The tubes had been laid too close to the edge of the pad and got nicked by the drill bit.

Fortunately, the team that laid the tubing and concrete offered no resistance to fixing the job properly. It meant identifying where the tubes were nicked and removing the concrete in squares. 

The tubes were repaired and today they will pour new concrete to patch the squares.  The ends of the tubes also had to be moved in from the edge of the pad.

The concrete guy says the plans are wrong.  The plans seem perfectly logical and if they’re followed, the tubes should have been placed farther from the edge.  Regardless, the heating system will be saved and things are only set back by a couple of days. It could be worse – much worse!