The Earth Moved

I felt the earthquake alright but I shrugged it off. 

Our building has been undergoing work.  Well, it actually wrapped up some time ago, but we got pretty used to being rattled.  So much so that I just assumed someone had fired up a jackhammer in the underground parking lot again.  By now you know that it definitely was an earthquake. 

The last time I experienced any sort of earth tremor I was driving toward Niagara and listening to Kristy Knight on HTZ-FM.  It was almost exactly 20 years ago!   When it struck I couldn’t figure out what happened but things felt odd as I continued on the QEW.  Then as quickly as I thought, What the… Kristy reacted to it and I was suddenly part of a community of earthquake endurers on the radio. I remember it so well.  This one might not be as memorable.  At least it was also mild!