Update: The Road to Fitness

Welllll, it’s going to be a long road!

I’ve lost some weight.  How much, I don’t know because I’ve decided that the scale is not my friend.  I know what I weighed when I started and how my clothes felt when I started and they are now more comfortable and some of those that I previously had trouble buttoning are doing themselves up.  And I’m doing it the hard way, by eating properly and shutting my pie hole more often.  I did buy an all-natural diet aid product, most of which is sitting in a cupboard where it will remain until I eventually toss the canister out.  There was nothing wrong with “it” per se.   For a variety of reasons, the two of us just weren’t compatible.

More often than not I’m trying to choose activity over being sedentary.  I’ve got plenty of projects around the home to keep me up and moving and although they don’t fall into the traditional “workout” category, in the words of the farmer in the movie Babe, ‘That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”  My main issue is my back.  A half hour in the garden can put me in a twist that wakes me up at night.  I bought a kneeling pad and it certainly helps!  I can last 45 minutes or an hour before the ache becomes too annoying.  If not for the stretching exercises, I’d be tangled like a pretzel. 

So it’s a slow go but it’s not a race, this thing called life.  It’s a journey.  Part of the success of it is easing up on myself and not putting unrealistic expectations on my progress.  And another part is listening only to my kindest inner voice.  It’s generally not the loudest voice, so it takes more effort to hear it.

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  1. Consider your approach to fitness much like you would and will approach a charity ride on your new bike. The objective isn’t to see how fast you can get from point A to point B, the objective is to do it safely and enjoy yourself along the way. Fitness is about making gradual changes and adjustments much like you will do on your new ride as you become familiar with its quirks and additional power. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, or in this case allows you to obtain your objective of fitness.

    … and the occasional nudge to keep you on the straight and narrow from time to time.

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