Things I Learned This Week

If I ever see dolphin on a menu, it’s not necessarily a reason to be startled that a fellow mammal is being pan-seared and served on a bed of rice.

I didn’t know that there was a fish called a dolphin, as well as the mammal we swim with at tropical resorts and watch do tricks at seaworlds.  Sadly, some aquatic centres actually have dolphin (the fish) on the menu and it’s upsetting to guests who have just witnessed the performing dolphin’s (the mammal) obvious intelligence.   A theme park based on performing water creatures shouldn’t have any kind of fish prepared as guest food, don’t you agree?  It’s not only confusing, it would be like serving hamburgers at Cow World.

I now know more about the properties of concrete than I ever thought possible.  It was never clear to me that cement is an ingredient in concrete.  I thought the words were virtually interchangeable but they’re not.  If you walk on cement, you’re walking on a dry, dusty product.  Concrete is the hardened stuff that has cement, aggregate and water in it.

There will never be a bottom, when it comes to how low people can go.  Actor Gary Coleman’s 24-year old wife (they were divorced but living common law) took photos of herself with his body with the express purpose of selling them to a tabloid, which she has now done.  Who’s worse: the woman who did this, the executive who paid cash for the pictures or the people who buy the magazine to look at the dead man?  I’m proud to say I won’t be among them.

2 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Week”

  1. I’m ashamed to say I saw the pic of Gary Coleman online. It’s as tasteless as you think; she’s posing in front of his face!!!!

  2. Wasn’t it Robin Williams who asked if the fish on the menu at Sea World were the “slow learners”? Just last night we dined creekside as ducks gently floated by. And what was on the menu? Duck! The waiter recommended the duck and the lamb and I wondered if they served anything not in a petting zoo! (Luckily, lobsters are homely). xo

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