A Fan is Born

How many nights have I been in the Delaware Speedway tower, making notes and keeping track of each development on the racetrack?  I’m not sure.  Every night of racing this season, I’ve been there.  But last night, I did something I had not previously done. 

I got on my feet and shouted as a close race came to its end!  Michelle Korcina, who I’ve seen race in the Trucks division but have never met and wouldn’t be able to pick out of a crowd, won her first feature and it was a very exciting finish.  

It’s partly because she’s a woman in a man’s game.  It’s partly because I’ve seen her truck fail and the disappointment of having to end her night early, I’ve watched her win a heat race and watched her battle her way toward the front only to not quite make it.   But I guess it’s also because I’ve seen that she is a really good driver who’s only been doing it a couple of years.  Last night she got to Victory Lane and picked up her first trophy and I was on my feet cheering for her before I even realized it!  You go girl.