Dear London Free Press

Hey there, Freeps!  My name might ring a teeny, tiny bell.  You run my House Proud column sometimes and you used to run my business section column years ago.   We’re pals even though we don’t hang out all the time.  We both have other, closer friends.

I’ve been pretty patient with your switch to the new website.  Every once in a while a dead link will still pop up but I say to myself, hey, the Freeps is a buddy, cut it some slack! 

But now you’re surveying readers and it’s time to talk frankly about it.  A little window pops up that covers the text of what I’m trying to read, asking me to give my opinion.  At first I ignored it because I was busy and who knows how long the survey would take?  The box would eventually close and I could read what I wanted.  But now it seems the little box is staying up longer than before so I thought, hey, the Freeps is a pal, I’ll take the survey.  Three times I have tried to take the survey and every time, the link has been dead. 

So let’s sum up.  You deny me the chance to read what I want by covering it with a little box that asks me for my time.  Then when I try to give you my time, you waste it by not working.   So I haven’t read what I wanted and now I’m at an “error” window.  This is not how friendship works, Freeps!  Even a friend will lose patience with you after a while.  Get it together, okay? Until then, I’m going to find some other friends to hang out with.  Hey – Toronto Star – how’s it going? Long time no see!