To Hose or Not To Hose

Interesting story in the papers recently on the falling popularity of pantyhose. 

To hose up is apparently a generational thing.  Those of us who are old enough to remember L’Eggs – the pantyhose that came packaged in a plastic egg – are more likely to still have a drawer full of the stuff…and I do.  But I can’t remember the last time I wore any.  I’d rather have on a pair of tights or bare legs, depending on the weather.

I wore my first pair of pantyhose on my 13th birthday when my family took me out for dinner in the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls.  I remember feeling so grown up as I wriggled into the stretchy armour.   Now they just seem exceedingly formal and stuffy.  I’ll wear pantyhose to a funeral, maybe, but they aren’t an everyday accessory anymore.  It’s a matter of personal taste and I’m sure it is generational. The old guys at CKNX in Wingham chastized me for going bare-legged to a broadcast remote in 30 degree heat.  There are old ladies who would rather die than go out without stretchy material covering their gams.   I’d rather put on a little tinted moisturizer to take away the pasty whiteness of my legs and feel the cool breeze, thanks.