Jet Boy, Jet Girl

You have to experience a racing jet truck to truly understand its power and magnificence! 

It’s an insane piece of machinery.  It’s as if a bunch of guys were sitting around in a tractor-trailer depot and got very drunk.  One guy says, “let’s get a jet engine and install it in one of these babies!”  His buddy says, “That’s never going to work.”  To which the first guy retorts, “Oh, yeah? Watch me!!”   A couple of years ago at NitroJam in Grand Bend, we witnessed one jet truck.  At the same event on the weekend, as a feature attraction between drag racing heats, there were not one but two jet trucks!  We happened upon the faster, more famous one in the pit area.

If the question is, Lisa, are you a huge drag racing fan and are you willing to shell out $40 each for tickets to this annual event to satisfy your need for thundering motors and the acrid smell of fuel?  The answer would be not really and I got free tickets through my radio station!  I also bestowed some of those extra tickets on unsuspecting, random race fans, one of whom grabbed me in a big bear hug and spun me around!  I do think it’s fun and I love the festival atmosphere but I mostly like to go because I get to see this face.

It’s his love of the rumbling engines and the mix of fuel and hot asphalt that make it an event worth attending.  And the jet trucks are awfully darn cool!