Uncommon Sense

Montreal parishoners are very upset with their spiritual leader who appears to have made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars they loaned to him.  Some people even remortgaged their homes to come up with the money the Reverend Mwinda Lezoka said he needed to keep the church open. 

Some loaned as much as $150,000.  and they’re upset that they haven’t seen a penny in return.  This guy sounds like an absolute weasel.  But what is wrong with these people?  If a church building is about to be taken away, there are banks to go to for loans and other means of raising funds.  How about a frickin’  bake sale?

I have an awful lot of trouble drumming up sympathy for those who are blinded by faith into doing something so incredibly risky and, frankly, kind of stupid.  Oh they mean well and are probably heartbroken but this is exactly why con men so often hide behind churches and other religious icons – people are too quick to trust in the name of God.  It’s a name anybody can use and abuse.