Sweet Sounds

820 Cham in Hamilton has abandoned its feeble stab at the talk radio format and has returned to its roots – country music.  Yesterday I tuned in to find out how it was going and heard one of my favourite singers of all time. Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn, singing My Maria. 

That got me thinking – if I had to narrow it down to five singers, who would be on my favourites list?

There’s the unmistakable sound of Ronnie Dunn whose voice is so strong and pure, he could have sung anything but he happened to choose country and has had an incredible career. I’d also have to choose Joe Elliot of Def Leppard.  Don’t judge me!   Even though he was buried in layers of anthemic rock music, deep down in there is an excellent singer.
Karen Carpenter had perhaps the sweetest, clearest female singing voice of all time so I would pick her, too.

Paul Rodgers, ex of Bad Company and now touring with the band again, fights with Paul Carrack to make my list.  I had the privilege to interview Rodgers many years ago.  I ran into Carrack in the spa at Casino Rama.  He was in a bathrobe and probably thinking, can I EVER have a moment to myself??? But he was very gracious as I stumbled nervously over my words.  So, yeah, it’s a tie between Rodgers and Carrack.

The last one is tough.  For now, it’s going to be Ashley Clark, lead singer of the rock-influenced country band, Sons of Sylvia.  I saw them on American Idol and immediately downloaded the entire album. They’re excellent.  Click the link below and see if you agree. (There is a 10 second ad for Sarah Harmer off the top.  So if you hear a woman singing…that’s not Ashley!)

Sons of Sylvia “Love Left To Lose”

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  1. The Brooks & Dunn version came out when I was at ‘NX. It reminds me of Don Fraser, because when we first played it, I remarked how close to the B.W. Stevenson original it sounded. He proceeded to give me great info on songs & subsequent remakes. 🙂

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