A Big Move

Stephen Hawking says the survival of our species will depend on our relocation and population of another planet.  Damn – I hate packing! 

In a new column out today, the brilliant physicist says that if we can make it another 200 years without becoming extinct we should be able to set up shop on another world.  He says overpopulation here and competition for resources not to mention stupid conflicts that could blow us all up are the major threats to our survival. 

So where do we go?  Well, Steve doesn’t say so it’s for future generations to figure out.  Intergalactic real estate agents are going to be needed.  I mean, you don’t want to just guess at which part of a new planet you should move to without getting some expert opinions on the neighbourhood, proximity to transit and so on.  You’ll want your children, Xrpt and Xnqv to go to good schools, too.  Personally, I’m hoping to find something that’s not too close to the sun, with mature trees and a deep lot.  So let’s get started, shall we?  You can’t reach a goal without focusing on it and planning for it!

1 thought on “A Big Move”

  1. Diversification is always good. So lets see, a place not to close to the sun, mild temperatures, mature trees and green meadows and most importantly very dog friendly! Cat lovers need not apply, in fact neither should most of the people I know.

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