A Sacred Site

A battle in New York City over whether a Mosque should be built near the Ground Zero site is polarizing opinions of the people there.

The US believes in freedom of religion, of course, so many say, what’s the harm?  Others say that because the terrorists who took down the twin towers claimed to be doing it for reasons based on the Koran, the Mosque is a slap in the face.  Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama are both supporting the Mosque.  Donald Trump and other NYC big mouths are against it. 

My solution is simple.  Move the Mosque.  Grow flowers, create a walkway, put up a tourism centre, do anything but prompt people to argue and take sides.  Yes there is freedom of religion and the terrorists bastardized it for their own purposes but why put up one building that houses believers of one theological point of view to the exclusion of all others, no matter what that view is?  The goal should be understanding and harmony, there, of all places.  I hope everyone takes a breath and a step back and says, hey, this just isn’t worth it.