Crashes Happen

The Super Modified racers are at Delaware Speedway this weekend.  They’re the crazy looking little cars with wings that are direct-drive and have to be push-started but once they get going, they’re the fastest things on asphalt tracks.

When I arrived a the track last night I asked Troy, a longtime official and race fan, what to expect from these cars.  He said, “They’re loud, they’re fast and they don’t crash often but when they do, it’s a big deal.” 

Note to self:  Always believe Troy!

The local hero, Mark Sammut, crashed during a heat race and went end over end.  Race nut/writer/announcer/superfan Jamie Maudsley was there and caught it on camera.  Sammut’s in the #78 as it’s doing this airborne thing.

Both drivers were okay but their cars were not.  The second big crash of the night happened to the feature race winner whose brakes failed immediately after he crossed the finish line and he slammed straight into the barrier.  He walked over to receive his trophy! 

These cars are ridiculous, and I mean that in a good way.  They are so fast and loud and it’s nearly impossible to see the numbers on them.  Unlike, say, late models, where lead changes are obvious, these Supers change positions so quickly, like a crazy video game. It’s good, nutty fun.  And we’re doing it again tonight!