Garage Update – August 6th

The push is on to get the garage enclosed by Labour Day.   However, the availability of buddies to help has diminished in recent weeks and most of the latest efforts have been the result of a one-man labour force.

He had to spend a couple of days just tightening bolts.  It was boring and time consuming and at the end it didn’t look like anything was accomplished!  But it was and the structure is now sturdy.  As of mid-week a lot of the back was up although it still lacked bolts on the top half.   Each piece of steel had to be cut to fit and some holes had to be drilled. 

Buddy Mike came over on Thursday and they got the rest of the back up and tightened.  The kit is essentially complete!  It’s a sturdy building that’s straight, it’s solid, waterproof and on a good concrete floor.

Next, the front needs to be designed and those drawings have to get City Hall approval before that part of the project can proceed.  Labour Day is a wonderful goal and my motorcycle BII and I dearly hope it’s a reality!  But there’ a lot to do and since I’m doing the absolute least work to get this garage finished – except for providing regular food for the worker(s) – I can’t complain if it takes a little longer. It’s going to be pretty cool when it’s finally done and the ’61 Rambler Classic and a Canadian Tire’s worth of tools move into it.