Slightly Used Iphone for Sale…Maybe

If RIM is to be believed its new Blackberry Torch is the answer to the iPhone.  Some analysts are saying that with the release of the new Torch Smartphone, RIM has finally caught up to Apple’s iPhone technology.  If this is true, I may have to go back to a Blackberry. 

Oh how I miss the Blackberry keyboard! I hate, hate, hate iPhone’s touch screen keyboard and I’m sick of making so many mistakes and having it try to think for me.  I’ve sent too many text messages with an inexplicable p on the end because the send button is so precious and the p is right next to it!  If the Torch can surf the internet – something Blackberry has been notoriously bad at – I may go back.  It’s just too tempting to have that fabulous BB keyboard at my fingertips again!

The geeks are weighing in on the new Torch as we speak.  It comes out in the US next week and they’ll have a Canadian release date soon.  Surveys show more people are gravitating to the iPhone and virtually no one ever goes back to another handheld once they’ve had an iPhone.  I might end up being the exception.  I love what the iPhone can do but texting and emailing are super frustrating.  I’ll have to see the geek reviews and go from there.

3 thoughts on “Slightly Used Iphone for Sale…Maybe”

  1. What you probably want is an Android phone with a hardware keyboard. Then you’ll have the best of both worlds. As a long time Blackberry user who made the move to Android, I only miss the keyboard. Everything else is superior to the Blackberry. Unfortunately, we don’t get much of a choice in Canada but there are some great phones being made. Maybe, when they’re obsolete, Rogers will pick a few of them up.

    1. I may just stick with the iPhone. Or consider an Android. But boy oh boy I’m not liking the touch-screen keyboard.

  2. I have an HTC Fuze which has a great camera, screen, web surfing and a slide out keyboard. Then the “E” fell off. I’m dreaming of an iphone with no BUTTONS to mess up and fall off, but am afraid I won’t be able to type well enough without actual buttons. Doesn’t quite matter because I’m not eligible for an upgrade and am not willing to spend $800 for an iphone. I’ll have to live without an E. I say enjoy your buttonless phone.

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