The Next Steps

The entrance to our house is a little bit gross. But that’s about to change.

Although we’ve never been fond of the puke-green indoor/outdoor carpet over the steps, or the chipping paint on the handrail, we didn’t see any point in doing anything with it until we figured out whether or not we were going to enclose the breezeway. Now that we’ve decided against that idea, and the garage is up in the back yard, it’s time to deal with the entryway. The previous owner had actually rolled the green carpet down the driveway beside the house! That was the first thing I took a sharp knife to when I moved in. The front door is inside an enclosed sunroom type of thing that must have been used for a greenhouse because it’s too hot for humans to handle at any time except the dead of winter. So you enter the house at the side, under the breezeway.

I have hired painters to put a fresh coat on the siding on that side of the house where it’s discoloured and tired looking. Last week, on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year, I tore up that yukky carpet and revealed a solid, but equally ugly, plywood staircase. I’ll get the painters to paint the handrail and spindles and the edges of the stairs and landing because I’m going to roll on a product called Beautitone Hard Rock. It’s a three-step process consisting of primer, the liquid rock and a sealer, that’s guaranteed to stand up to temperature changes, hits with a snowshovel and anything else regular living can throw at it. It will give the cheap plywood the appearance of stone in a shade that compliments the house. First step – power wash the dust and junk left behind by the old carpet. Then replace any wonky plywood. Once the painters are done, I will get to work and in three days and for less than $200 I can apparently expect to have a whole new world to walk into. I’ll let you know how it goes!