The Wacky Week That Was

We are having major issues with our Internet service provider. Uploading a blog normally takes about 90 seconds. Today, more than an hour! I love you dearly, faithful reader, but I’m not willing to go through this again! So if this page goes a little quiet it’s because Rogers hasn’t fixed whatever it is that’s going on. (I’m about to make a phone call!) I gave up trying to upload a photo. So…if you hear a smashing sound it’s me, on our modem, with a sledgehammer. (Anyone who has ever had Internet issues like this can surely understand the frustration!).

Our radio station bent over backwards, sideways and even did a few impressive sowcows to promote Dog’s Nest at Grand Bend this weekend. I don’t know the whole story but the concept was to lure bikers away from Port Dover to the Motorplex at Grand Bend for some big-name acts including Bad Company with Paul Rodgers. Going to Dover is free and full of biker lore and tradition. Grand Bend? Not so much. The entire Saturday line-up was cancelled at the last minute; B.C., Glass Tiger & Rik Emmett. The winner in this whole situation may have been me. I got to interview Paul Rodgers.

Premier McGuinty did a triple sowcow of his own on the Mixed Martial Arts issue. Having said earlier this year that legalizing it in Ontario wasn’t a priority, apparently someone handed him a calculator showing the amount of money the government stands to make from the fighting. Suddenly it’s all good. It bugs me that McGuinty is gaining a reputation as a turncoat and a fibber because he wrote me a very personal and wonderful 3-page letter when I left 680 News and I want to believe that he meant what he said.

Actress Teri Hatcher put photos of herself making facial experessions on Twitter.

Those pictures were meant to show that she doesn’t use Botox and to prove to women that good lighting makes performers look better than they might actually look in real life. Laudable stuff. However, the photos made it into every entertainment publication and website and Hatcher expressed horror at that. “I had no idea that the media worked that way”, she said. Oh piffle! Step one: create buzz about yourself. Step two: profess that that’s not what you were trying to do. Step three: come off like an idiot.