Being a working writer, especially the writer of a newspaper column with a theme and a purpose, depends on more than just being able to write.

It means coming up with ideas for what to write about.  When I first started House Proud my idea cup runneth over.  But it’s a funny thing about ideas; some can seem brilliant until you actually try to put them to the keyboard test.  Sometimes they’re not much more than a sentence and certainly not an entire column.  Too often they’ve been done before and done to death and there really isn’t anything new to say on the subject.  It’s a lot more difficult than it might seem!

This is where it stands for me right now.  I’m looking into my imaginary idea container, which is an old coffee tin with a plastic lid, and I can see the bottom of it. I can see the WHOLE bottom of it.  I have two ideas brewing that I can’t even investigate for another couple of months and nothing, nada, nyet, not a thing until then. So can you help a gal out?  Is there a decor, organization or other challenge you’re having in your own home that could be a springboard for an article?  Nothing is foolish or a waste of my time. Hit me!  Please?

1 thought on “Ideas…Ideas….”

  1. Does it have to be indoor ideas? Because my lawn is awful, and I’d like some fall tips on what to do with my yard before the snow falls. I know it’s good to treat the yard and give it a head start for spring, but I don’t know where to begin… 🙁

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