Updates: The Food Thing and Other Things

A few weeks ago I wrote about a book that shifted the way I look at food.  I knew I’d put on 25 lbs in the past couple of years but I also knew that I would have to have a real shift in attitude before I could concentrate on losing them.

The combination of the book and a photo of me at a wedding this summer, caused that shift!  It became clear that I could no longer deny that I was uncomfortable in my clothing and baking a substantial muffin top.  It was time.  But unlike the advice in the book, Women Food and God, to eat whatever you want but only when you’re truly hungry and under several other reasonable conditions, I’ve gone back to what has really worked for me: Weight Watchers.  I didn’t rejoin.  I know the program by heart and it makes me feel good when I’m on it.  I’m losing about 2 pounds a week which is very healthy and with that math, and providing I stay on track, I should be at my goal in a couple more months. 

How long ago did I put the “stone” stuff on the porch and steps?  Well it lasted until Sunday night when I noticed pieces were chipping off.  What a crock!  So last night I put on a layer of primer and put the caution tape back up to prevent anyone from walking on it.  Next, a coat or two of tough floor paint.   Then I’m going to write a letter to Home Hardware about their useless product.  Harrumph!

And I heard from a Nadrofsky!  A daughter of the last surviving Nadrofsky brother wrote to me after reading about my search to find out the real name of the vehicle of my childhood.  The Nadrofsky crane company eventually  moved from Brantford to Toronto.  Where the vehicle ended up, no one knows.