Gross Commercial

I’m having an over-the-top reaction to what I assume is a pretty inoffensive commercial in most peoples’ eyes.  Sure, I’m mildly turned off by the cartoon bear that gets bits of bathroom tissue on its bum.  I also frown at the cough medicine spot that proudly boasts it combats PHLEGM and graphically depicts the stuff ejecting from a guy’s gullet!  But the absolute worst has to be the McDonald’s zesty mango sauce spot featuring the gospel-style singers. 

It makes my tummy flip.  The whole concept is stupid; a woman is eating a sandwich with zesty mango dressing and everything she says gets echoed in song by singers at another table.  It’s ridiculous and annoying.  But what makes me really sick is… and I can hardly type this… even though she’s eating the sandwich, she pauses to stick her pinky in the sauce in the sandwich, looks dreamily off into the distance as she considers her deep love for the sauce and then proceeds to lick it off her finger.

I just got a shiver.  WHY? WHY???? Why would anyone take a break from eating a sandwich to stick a digit in it and lick that digit???  It is unrealistic and creepy!! Give me a hundred bears with a hundred bits of TP stuck to their keesters instead.  Please!  (Told you it was over-the-top!)