The Verdict

The decision is in at the trial I wrote about late last month.  A Connecticut Mom and her two daughters were tortured and killed in home invasion and the defence tried everything to make the monster who did it seem sympthetic. 

My original post on the story is here:

Dr. William Petit has been driving to the courthouse every day to see his family avenged for the horrific crimes and now that the first defendant has been found guilty, the second’s trial can start.   Dr. Petit has implored the prosecution to not make any deals or get soft on the death penalty phase, which is also still to come.  Six of the 16 counts of murder, rape, kidnapping and other charges carry the death penalty with them.  Fry the bastard.

I recently asked a non-death-penalty believing pal why he was so firm on sparing the lives of proven monsters and he said, ‘They’ll be judged in heaven.”  Ah, I see.  So in other words, be an ostrich and hope that some hypothetical higher court will deal with them?  No sir.  We have free will.  Just because it’s unpalatable doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes also appropriate.  Just ask Dr. William Petit.  It will be of small comfort to the man who’s lost his whole family but if you believe in heaven, don’t you also believe in an eye for an eye?