The Computer Conspiracy

A stand-up comic – I forget which one – said technology is a ripoff because as soon as you walk out the door with one computer they bring the newest model out from under the counter, rendering yours obselete. 

I loathe making decisions about software and hardware, talking to tech people (even if they’re very nice) and crawling around on the floor messing with cables.  Yesterday I got my laptop back and I’m writing with it for the first time in about a week.  It had to be completely wiped and then reloaded with software, a process that will continue for a while as I realize what I no longer have.  All of my data was saved, thank goodness, and the cost came in well under the estimate. 

But here’s an example of a geek-to-me conversation that left me frustrated.  I couldn’t connect to our wireless router and I figured it was just something simple that I was overlooking.  The system said it needed the “key” for the router.  I called the guys who fixed the laptop and the service dude I spoke to suggested calling the router manufacturer and gave me the number.  Now remember – all I wanted was Internet access.  So after a half hour on the phone with the router service guy, after learning I was not entitled to a free service call under warranty and agreed to pay $30 for the call, I got so frustrated with having to ask him to repeat everything (he had a very thick, unidentifiable accent) and crawling on the floor that I broke off the call.  “I’m going to have to go”, I said, trying to keep it light but also prevent the top of my head from blowing off.  “Who needs the Internet anyway, right? It’s just a fad! haha.”  And with that I clicked off and took a time out.

I emailed my pal Jeff and asked him his thoughts.  “You just want to get on the Internet?  Reset the router.  There’s a little button on the back.”  Click.  Wait five seconds.  Internet connected.

Why didn’t anyone else think of that?  Sure, now our connection is unsecured and we need to put another password on it.  Jeff will do that for me.  I do not need to learn this stuff and even if I do, I can watch Jeff do it and visit at the same time.  Problem solved.  Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate deal ing with technology?  Yeah, well I do!